Friday, October 17, 2008

SWT Web Installer and ISQL Library updated

Since I published the pre-release of Matrex 1.3, I also updated the two libraries that Matrex uses, SWT Web Installer (now 1.0) and ISQL Library (now 1.01). 

SWT Web Installer downloads now SWT 3.4 instead of 3.3.1 and has a small change to the WebInstaller class constructor (new parameter systemProperties).
I also added a test that verifies that all sites in the swt_list.xml configuration file exist and are accessible.

ISQL Library had a small bug related to the conditions of the query's where clause. That has been fixed in version 1.01.

I have checked both libraries with Findbugs before I published them. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Matrex 1.3 pre-release

I published a pre-release version of Matrex 1.3.
You can find it under the Matrex Unstable download section in SourceForge.

The changes from version 1.2 are listed under the Matrex File Release Notes and Changelog page in SourceForge.

The idea is to make sure that if there are bugs in Matrex 1.3 they get fixed before the final version is released.
So please give a try to this version and, if you find bugs, use the tracker page in Sourceforge to report them.

The pre-release version includes only the setup for the generic architecture, which means that when you start Matrex the first time it is supposed to download the SWT library for your PC.
After that Matrex stops, so you need to start it once again to use it.
The download of SWT is a new feature, so if you have problems with it please use the tracker page to report them.