Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Matrex 1.3.6

A few days ago the Eclipse Foundation published version 3.5 of SWT.
I was waiting for this because it means that Mac users can finally use Matrex with bot Java 5 and Java 6, and with better graphics, because the new version is based on Cocoa.
So, as soon as this new version has become available, I have published the new version of Matrex, 1.3.6.
Together with the new SWT, 1.3.6 comes the following changes:
  • There was still some incompatibilities with Java 5, so it was not possible to run Matrex 1.3.5 with Java 5. This problem was hitting mainly the Mac users, that could not use Java 6 because SWT was not working with it. Now I made sure this problem will not show up again.
  • From Matrex 1.3.5 maximizing the main window means maximizing only vertically, leaving the horizontal size of the window the same. In Windows it could happen that maximizing the main window it disappeared from the screen. In Linux from time to time the main window was becoming insensible to the mouse after the maximization. These problems got fixed.
  • Matrex is able now to read script templates from the script classpath defined in the Files Locations dialog. In this way also the script languages plugins (groovy, jruby...) can be installed outside the Matrex directory.
  • Minor bug fixing.
Now the versions are the follwing:

The choice between 32 and 64 bits depends by the Java runtime interpreter used.