Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Matrex 2.1 released

Matrex 2.1 has been released yesterday.

Version 2.0 was revolutionary because it introduced the concept of client/server; version 2.1 is more an evolution because its purpose is to help the user having full control on projects and on the system.

In detail, these are the big changes:

  1. The grid/tables have now a real row header, making easier to work with them and giving them a more professional look.
  2. The script editor, which was very simple, has become a small but complete IDE to write and test scripts. With it the user can write its own functions and can test them before he uses them in his projects.
  3. For someone that uses Matrex for the first time it is very important to find out immediately how it works. To make it possible, Matrex has now a help button in every window. Here is an example:

The other changes are less visible, but still important:

  1. Before 2.1 the user could change all the function templates, included the ones that come with the system. Now he can only change templates written by users.
  2. Fixed permission problems in the installation under Windows, allowing to install under the Program Files directory.
Thanks to Braxton for building the Matrex setup
file for MacOSX. Here is a screenshot of Matrex under MacOSX:

In the next version I will try to change the grid row header buttons under MacOSX to make them rectangular.

Matrex 2.1 is downloadable from here.