Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Matrex 2.0 Beta released

A beta of the client/server version of Matrex, 2.0, has been released.
The plan is to release the final version in a pair of weeks, so please test it!
To test the client/server connection:
  • Install Matrex 2.0 beta.
  • Follow the instructions contained in the server document (which is included in the installed documents) to install the Matrex Server and start it.
  • Start Matrex Desktop and connect to the server following the Remote Projects section of the help content (press Ctrl-F1 in the Matrex Desktop).
  • Create a project on the server or copy a local project to the server, as described in the help content, and play with it.
If something is not clear, please contact me.
If you find bugs please report them in the trackers.