Friday, November 17, 2006

Matrex 1,0 final released!

Finally, after weeks of test, Matrex 1.0 final has been released!
The most important changes are the following:

  • Expression parser: the previous version was complex to use, expecially in the last step, where you had to choose the names of all the matrices and functions generated.
    With this version the last step requires only the names of the primary (root) matrix and function. The intermediate matrices and functions get a default name and are stored in a special package.

    Also, in the first step, two buttons have been added to select templates and matrices and add them to the input expression; so if you don't remember a template name or its parameters or a matrix name you get help.

  • Matrix editor: removed side effects when editing cells using the mouse; the editor remembers saves also the last edited cell content; better number and date parsing.
  • Added several function templates: among them:
    • sort, to sort several matrices using as index the first matrix, called key (like the pair of a map).
    • sumby and similar, similar to the select sum/group by functionality in SQL.
    • tail to tail a matrix with the content of another one.
    • queue to use a matrix as a queue, to which you queue values of other matrices

  • Removed any dependency of the Matrex API by the Matrex GUI, finally allowing to use Matrex as a library. In this way a Matrex project can be opened and used by any (java) application.
  • Presentation editor: better and easier interface. The format/position editor has been put in a separate dialog and substituted by a format/position viewer:

  • Presentation viewer: added vertical header:

    Also, it uses virtual tables. It is possible to view/edit large presentations without performance losses.

  • Matrix viewer: added vertical header:

  • Added a template full-text search dialog to find templates by their description:

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