Sunday, April 15, 2007

Matrex 1.1 released!

I'm glad to announce that Matrex 1.1 has been released.
The purpose of this version is to make the system more open, easier to use and complete.
The changes are the following:

  • Matrex is now able to import xls (Excel) files: open a Matrex project, from the project menu open the import dialog and load the Excel file:

    Here you can select rectangles of cells that you import as matrices in the project.

  • Matrex has now a context help. Pressing Ctrl-F1 (or F1) in each window, the browser shows the help page for that window.
    A copy of the help is available online.
    The help has also a summary page and can be full-text searched in the search dialog:

  • The 2D charts have been simplified and improved. Now there are only 3 kinds of charts (category, xy, time), but you can display their series in up to 7 different ways (line, line3d, bar, bar3d, area, scattered, scattered line):

  • The Expression Parser is now able to interpret expressions containing +,-,*,/,^ operators. The operators are translated to the related functions.
    Now it becomes really easy to build projects in Matrex.

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