Thursday, May 29, 2008

High Low charts

One of the new features that will come with version 1.3 are the High Low charts.
It is a kind of financial charts that shows the evolutions of the quantities high, low, open, close and volume in a time period.
As all the other charts in Matrex, the charts are built using the JFreeChart library.

They can be shown in two variants: candlestick chart (top chart in the following picture) or high low chart (bottom chart). The picture shows the chart viewer for two high low charts that share the domain axis:

To build this kind of chart there is a special editor. In the following picture we show the editor for the two charts in the viewer.

There is one row in the table for each chart in the viewer. The values of high, low, open, close, volume are 1-column matrices in the same Matrex project.
The time period that defines the domain axis can be defined in two ways:
  1. it can be a 1-column matrix containing date/times.
  2. it can be an interval defined as [start,step]
The editor for each row of the table (which opens if you click the Edit button) is the following:

which shows the values for the first chart in the viewer: it is a candlestick chart, with the time period composed by an interval [start,step] and has all the values (high,low,open,close,volume) assigned to 1-column matrices of the project.

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