Thursday, February 26, 2009

ToolBarWithMenu component

The SWT ToolBar component has a minor problem: when there is no space enough to show all the buttons contained in the ToolBar, it just shows the first ones.
It is true that the SWT.WRAP property partially fixes the problem wrapping the buttons in two or more lines, but this does not work in some platforms (e.g. Linux) in which the property is ignored.
This can be a problem, because the user of the application can be completely unaware of the buttons that are not displayed.
I have seen other graphical libraries solve this problem adding an additional button at the end of the toolbar. This button when clicked shows a menu with the missing buttons.
So I adopted the same logic in SWT: I made a class called ToolBarWithMenu
, which adds a button at the start of the toolbar. The button has a menu showing the buttons that are not displayed in the toolbar because there is no space. Here is an example in Matrex:

Clicking on one of the menu items has the same effect as clicking on the related toolbar button.
It works as expected also for a button with an attached menu, if the button's selection listener that shows the menu implements the IHasMenu interface.

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