Monday, March 30, 2009

Project diagram

Matrex version 1.3.5 will have the possibility to show the project in form of a diagram.
Here is the diagram for the example project projection, that is included in the Matrex setup:

It shows all items of the projects (but timers) and their connections.
Each item is labeled with its type (matrix, function...), each connection is displayed as an arrow.

Compared to the item trees and to the information views, the project diagram has the advantage that It gives a global overview of the project. In one single window it is possible to see all items of the project.

The meaning of the arrows is the following:
  • An arrow from a matrix to a function means that the matrix is input of the function
  • An arrow from a function to a matrix means that the matrix is output (result) of the function
  • An arrow from a matrix to a presentation or chart means that the matrix is used in the presentation or chart.
Since a project can contain many items and therefore many connections among them items, the project diagram can become complex.
To make it easier to understand it, it is possible to:
  • Click on an item: the item becomes green and all the connected items and their arrows become blue (in) and red (out).
  • Click on one of the items type on the tool bar: all the items of that type become green.
In the tool bar there is also a button to print the diagram.

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