Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matrex 2.0 released

Finally the version 2.0 of Matrex has been released.

The big change is the new optional client/server architecture that allows several users to work together on a project or for a user to delegate the calculations to a server (in the picture we see 3 Matrex Desktops sharing a project on a server run in the same PC).
We already told everything about this feature in the previous articles in this blog (read for example the article showing the steps to follow to connect to a server).

But we have other changes that are really useful.

First of all, Matrex does not need a batch file to start anymore. Just double-click on the matrex_start.jar file and Matrex starts (if java is configured correctly).
This also removes the shell/command line that was always starting together with the GUI, making the application look unprofessional.

Second, Matrex gets installed on MacOSX as an application bundle (packaged by Braxton), that's why its name is terminating with .app.dmg.
Unfortunately the application bundle can only be installed on MacOSX 64 bits.

For the 32 bits version of MacOSX (Java 5) you will need to install the generic version, then, using a shell, go to the top Matrex directory, run:

java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar Java/matrex_start.jar

and follow the instructions to install the GUI library (check also the F.A.Q. about this).