Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rowscope 1.1

I updated Rowscope, that reaches version 1.1.

Rowscope fixes some problems of the previous version:
  1. It adds the line numbers column, which shows the line numbers of the displayed rows in the file.
  2. It has a more compact GUI (the top menu has been moved on the right, the log is now displayed in a combo box). In this way it looks much better in Windows.
  3. The buttons that are related to a single row (expand up/down, open a new tab from that row) are displayed on the selected row; no more need to move the mouse to expand a row.
It also can use the fork-join framework (Scala 2.9) to search text in the rows, making use of multiple cores. This can improve the performances, depending by the number of cores and their use.

Rowscope got also a better icon (the previous one was too simple and flat), code has been simplified and, when possible, tested.

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