Monday, February 04, 2008

Matrex 1.2 released

Finally Matrex 1.2 has been released!

The big step forward of this version is the new ISQL module.
The ISQL module is a function template to apply SQL queries to vectors in a Matrex project.
It is therefore possible:
  • to apply filters on parts of the vectors
  • to order the elements of the vectors
  • to aggregate them
all with simple SQL queries. The internalsql document contained in the distributions explains how.
As far as I know, no other spreadsheet application allows something similar.

Other enhancements are:

  • Print matrices and presentations.
  • Export matrices and presentations to csv and xls.

  • Import data from database, using an SQL query.
  • Menus to remove multiple items, duplicate matrices and functions, add function from a matrix (the function will have the matrix as first argument).

  • A summary step for the expression parser.

  • Possibility to change the colors of the windows headers.

Also, several bugs have been removed (dates formatting, items renaming, boolean matrices editing).

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