Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Matrex functions unit testing

I added a small chapter at the end of the function coding document about the Matrex functions code unit testing.

Before version 1.2 some of the Matrex functions had JUnit unit testing, but it was very limited.
In version 1.2 I had to write the code for the ISQL function template, which is very complex compared to the other templates.
So I needed to test it well.
For this reason I wrote some unit testing help classes (for JUnit) that I grouped under the package matrex.item.test.
These classes can be used for the unit testing of any Matrex function template.

With these classes unit testing of matrex functions becomes very easy. For standard function templates it is a matter of minutes to write a test case.
Give a look to them!

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