Saturday, November 29, 2008


These are the plans for the future of Matrex, in order of time:
  1. Upgrade all adapters to libraries, script languages and scientific applications to work with the version 1.3.x of Matrex, which uses a new plugins architecture. I already upgraded the Jama adapter and I'm working on the JRuby adapter. Clearly if there are new versions of the libraries, languages and applications the adapters will work with them.
  2. New adapter to the Groovy interpreter.
  3. New intermediate version of Matrex, probably called 1.3.5. This version will not contain major changes from version 1.3. The idea is to make possible to have configuration files and additional templates in different directories. In this way it is possible to build .deb or .rpm setup packages for Matrex and make it easier to use under Vista and MacOSX.
  4. New version 2.0: It will be possible to use Matrex as a standalone application, like now, or as a client/server system.
The upgrade of the adapters and the Groovy adapter will be done in the next weeks.
Versions 1.3.5 will be probably finished in ~ 2/3 months.
2.0 will be finished in ~ 6 months.
Versions 1.3.5 and version 2.0 will be developed in parallel.

In the same time Braxton and me are trying to build a setup file to install Matrex on MacOSX as an application bundle.

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