Saturday, September 04, 2010

Matrex 2.1: status

I am working on version 2.1 of Matrex .
The work on version 2.0 has been completely dedicated to the conversion of Matrex from a pure standalone to a standalone + client/server architecture, so I had to postpone some improvements to the GUI and the implementation of new functions.
Now I can finally work to implement these changes.
The planned changes for version 2.1 are the following:
  • Conversion of all the grid/tables (editors/viewers) so that they use the new table row header, which has shown to work without glitches and to be extremely efficient, even with large matrices and virtual tables. Already implemented.
  • New Help button in every window/dialog. Already implemented.
  • Conversion of the script editor to a simple script IDE, which allows to test the function scripts before they are added to the system, and has simple syntax coloring. Working on it.
  • Add several new functions. I think Matrex has already all the functions needed by most of the people, but I think more specialized functions are need, so that every kind of user has what he needs. Will start soon.
This is the plan, but probably some more feature will be added to version 2.1. See the active tickets.
You can have a snapshot of version 2.1 from the subversion repository, which should always contain a working version.
If you want to help, you are welcome to join the project.

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