Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Matrex API

From version RC1, the Matrex executable code is divided in 3 jar files:

  • matrex_api.jar containing the Matrex underlying structure, engine and file system interaction

  • matrex_fun.jar containing the java executable code for the function templates

  • matrex_gui.jar containing the code for the GUI

matrex_fun.jar was already there in version M2 (it was called function.jar), matrex_api.jar and matrex_gui.jar was merged in a single jar file, matrex.jar.

So what's the big deal?

Now you can use matrex_api.jar (probably together with matrex_fun.jar) as library in your own application.

For example if you have an application that needs to calculate a special function you can:

  1. start Matrex and build a project that calculates the function (with several matrix and function items)

  2. Let the application use that project (through matrex_api.jar and matrex_fun.jar) to calculate the function

In the future I will produce:

  • Javadoc documentation of matrex_api.jar

  • a guide for building an application that uses it

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