Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Matrex idea

I'm working with Excel in my job.
Generally we use Excel to calculate formulas on data extracted from a database and present everything as sheets and charts.
This is how we do it:
- write the SQL query
- get the result set in a sheet
- write the formulas for the cells of the result set's first row
- copy the formulas for all the other rows of the result set

It is easy to copy formulas from one cell to the other in Excel, but why we need to do it at all?
It would not be easier to get the result set as one vector for each column, and calculate the formulas on this vectors, not on sheet cells?

So I wrote Matrex.

Matrex is equivalent to a spreadsheet, but works with vectors, not cells.

So, to do the same in Matrex, we need to:
- write a function that produces vector/columns from an SQL query
- apply the functions/formulas on the resulting vectors (only once).

Working with Matrex you have also these advantages:
- you can name vectors/matrices and functions (formulas)
- multithreading
- in the future, client/server and distributed calculation

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