Sunday, September 10, 2006

Matrex 1.0

I'm working on the first production version of Matrex 1.0.
The changes from version 1.0 RC1 will probably be:
  • Virtual tables on presentations, to be able to show presentations based on very big matrices/vectors.
  • Row header for matrix viewer and presentation viewer.
  • Simplification of the Expression Parser when saving the produced matrices and functions. It will ask for the names of the final matrix but not of the intermediate ones.
  • New function templates (e.g. sumby, sort, asinh...). I'm trying to cover the most common needs.
  • Possibility to create matrices from the clipboard content, so you build a matrix directly from the copied block of a spreadsheet.
  • Better function debugging.
  • Better terminology (less X,Y more columns,rows).
If you have other ideas or needs please let me know!

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