Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Matrex database project

I published yesterday a Matrex sample project, matrexdb. You can find it under the Matrex download page in Sourceforge.
I published the project zip file alone because it is big (around 2.5 Mb), since it contains an entire database and the embedded McKoi library to access it from Matrex.

The database contains the data of a fake chocolate market (oh yeah), with products, spot and closing prices and more than 4000 contracts.
The database has been generated automatically by a Groovy script (also in the zip file), since it was impossible to find free data to build it. Even if fake, the data looks realistic.

The project queries the database using JDBC and contains a presentation (something like a read-only spreadsheet) showing the positions built with the contracts in the database (average prices, results).
The project contains also time charts showing the spot prices and the closing prices of two products.

The projects uses the function templates:
  • query to query the database
  • sumby to build the positions by product
  • lookup and at to connect the contracts with their products hours.
I think it is good demonstration of the features of Matrex.

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